Our family have lived in Newlyn for many generations.  Many of them were fishermen.  They were also members of the Penlee Lifeboat crew.  There are a few photos of our relatives in the cottage.  From the rear of the house you can see the Fishermen’s Mission in the centre of Newlyn and in front is the war memorial with my Grandad’s name on it – E Hellier.

Looking across Newlyn Harbour from the loft bedroom, you can see my Great Grandad’s house where my Mother and her sisters were born.  Unfortunately the house near Sandy Cove in Newlyn, where my Gran spent her entire married life, was compulsory purchased to widen the road to Mousehole.

Newlyn is a working harbour and you will be able to see clearly the fishing fleet from the rear of the cottage when they are in the harbour.

When renovating Cooper’s Cottage we tried to be sympathetic whilst modernising and introducing comfort.  All the internal doors, handles and fireplaces were originally in the Cottage. If you look on the wall in the living room behind the stairs you can still see hooks at high level. These were used to hang fishing nets while they were being repaired.

The house is called Cooper’s Cottage after the very first owner in 1846 – a Mr William Hooper whose occupation is given in the Deeds as a Cooper!