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More about Newlyn

Located just a mile west of Penzance, the ancient fishing port of Newlyn is home to one of the largest fishing fleets in the South of England. The seemingly constant bustle and activity of the port gives visitors a fascinating glimpse into this frequently dangerous industry that has been a mainstay of the community since the early 16th century; enormous ocean going beam trawlers, long liners and crabbers that often stay at sea for weeks on end, dwarf the dozens of small open boats that fish for mackerel from hand lines in the Bay. Visitors are able to browse in the many wet fish shops that abound in the area and sample some of the finest fresh fish and seafood in the world.

Nestled behind the main road that runs around the harbour and connects neighbouring Penzance and Mousehole, are an enchanting maze of numerous small streets and donkey-wide alleys, many with traditional, if highly unusual, names: The Fradgan, Gwavas Quay and Bowjey Hill, to name but three. Looking down on the harbour, the invariably white-painted or granite fisherman’s cottages and traditional pubs are found side by side.

Tucked away amid streets often too steep and too narrow for a car to navigate – all just waiting to be discovered! Newlyn is synonymous with one of Britain’s great art movements, the Newlyn School. The movement flourished during the late nineteenth century, and with Newlyn very much at its focus, inspired artists to capture the area on canvas. The skill and craftsmanship of the paintings by the Newlyn School is celebrated at Penlee House, also home to the historic collections of Penzance Town Council, Penwith District Council and the Newlyn Art Gallery.

Off the promenade leading from Penzance into Newlyn is the Orion Gallery which exhibits the work of a wide variety of artistic talent, with particular emphasis on the work, past and present, of local artists in both contemporary and traditional fields. While small, it has a reputation belying its size and is well known around the world.

It is well worth visiting The Old Quay in Newlyn Harbour which was the last British landfall of The Mayflower in 1620, when she arrived in the port to take on water before sailing to America with the pilgrims.